Murphy's Laws of Government Affairs

Murphy's Laws of Government Affairs

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Rule of law

If the facts are against you, argue with the law. If the law is against you, challenge the facts. If both the facts and the law are against you, shout at the top of your voice.

Fox's note on power

Arrogance often goes hand in hand with dignity.

Sherman Rule on Press Conferences

We will give an explanation of the disaster that happened together.

Roche's fifth law

Any American campaign to defend something ends in racketeering.

Buchwald's law

When the economy is booming, the rest collapses.

Finnigan's Law

The more distant the future, the better it looks.

Thompson's theorem

When things are going well, luck can turn its back.

The first law of politics

Stay with those left behind.

Flight Transfer Act

The rescheduling of the flight creates maximum difficulties ... for its implementation.

Robbins Mini Maximum Rule of Government

Any minimum set of criteria will require maximum costs.

Low's Law

Success always goes unnoticed, failure always gets everyone's attention.

Christie-Davis theorem

If your facts are unreliable, but the logic is excellent, then the conclusions will inevitably be incorrect. That is why, by making logical mistakes, you at least have the opportunity to accidentally come to the right conclusion.

Government Self-Sufficiency Act

The more money spent on the feasibility study of a project, the more justified it will be.

Bernardo Shaw's political principle

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul's support.

Nader's law

The speed with which a civil servant leaves his job is directly proportional to the quality of his service to the people.

Sanrio's first rule for government programs

A bureaucratic program that has absolutely no results has the best chances of expansion.

Jordan's Law

Information that does not carry disinformation is too unreliable to be trusted.

Van Roy's second law

If you can tell good advice from bad, then you don't need advice at all.

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