The strangest holidays in the world

The strangest holidays in the world

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For people accustomed to their culture, the holidays of other nations seem amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people, you just need to try not to limit yourself only to your culture.

However, in a series of holidays and competitions characteristic of certain peoples, there are truly amazing and unusual ones, which will be described below.

It is worth considering that many competitions are so unusual and fun that they resemble more folk festivals, because victories in them are not so important, it is much more interesting for the participants to have a good rest and just talk.

Holiday "Las Fayas". In the Spanish city of Valencia, this holiday takes place from March 14 to 19, which attracts thousands of tourists. During it, "mascletá" starts every day at 14 o'clock, during which pyrotechnics compete on the ground, and fireworks are launched into the sky at night. The culmination of the celebration is the La Cremá ceremony, during which specially prepared huge effigies and figures are burned. This holiday attracts up to 2 million tourists, which is more than 2 times more than the city's population.

World Championship of Mountain Oysters. There's a festival in a town near Texas that doesn't really have anything to do with oysters. The fact is that bull eggs are called "oysters" in cowboy slang. The winner must prepare them in the best possible way, with the judges evaluating the appearance of the dish, its taste, aroma and how it is served. These criteria are indicative for identifying the lucky one.

Rolling cheese races are held in the English town of Coopers Hill. This scenic site is located near Gloucester and hosts rolling cheese races every last Monday in May. The rules of the competition provide for the launch of a round head of a dairy product from the mountain, the competitors begin to run after it. The winner is the one who first catches up with the running cheese and grabs it. It is common for this festival to have bruises and bruises, so the presence of doctors at the foot of the hill does not surprise anyone.

Summer solstice. Celebrated in Stonehenge, UK. This holiday is familiar to many world cultures, but modern civilization has made it almost forgotten. But in Great Britain, since 2000, the authorities have allowed everyone to spend the night of June 21 among the huge stones of Stonehenge, it is even allowed to touch them, although on other days this is prohibited. The holiday immediately became popular, drums are also connected to the action, which sound until dawn, helping to recreate the atmosphere of ancient-ancient times.

Bird-people festival. Celebrated in Great Britain, in the city of Bognor. It is celebrated in July and has a rich history, in addition, many countries have taken an example and now similar competitions exist all over the world. During the competition, participants run over a wide platform set over the sea and jump. The task of the "bird people" is to cover as much distance as possible with the help of homemade wings or flight structures.

Demonstration of bare buttocks or Amtrak Mooning. This festival is held in Nigel Lagoon, USA. Every second Saturday in July in this Californian place is devoted to an extraordinary entertainment - showing the bare butt to passengers of passing trains. For several years in a row, there were riots associated with the drinking of alcoholic beverages and indecent behavior. Now the participants don't pee in public, but calmly continue to show their buttocks.

World Championship Drag and Drop Lovers. More than 14 such annual competitions have already taken place in the Finnish city of Sonkajärvi. They start on July 4, any man paired with his lover and wife over 17 years old can take part in them. The roots of the competition go back to the ancient traditions of the Vikings, who, transferring their wives to ships, plunged them onto their shoulders, obviously for convenience. The rules of the current competition determine that if during them a woman steps on the ground, then the couple receives penalty points and her result is not counted.

Holiday "Tomatina". Interestingly, this holiday, held in the city of Buñol, Spain, is not as popular with the locals themselves as with foreigners. They are the main participants in the tomato battle that takes place on the last Wednesday of August near Valencia. More than 100 tons of tomatoes take part in the battles, therefore, deciding to take part in competitions, do not wear expensive clothes, otherwise it will take an extremely long time to wash them. The number of participants reaches 36 thousand, the weapons of the battle are brought up on special trucks. The rules of the battle are extremely simple - throw tomatoes at anyone, just knead them first in order to avoid injury. It is forbidden to use other means and tear clothes on opponents. The end of the battle is marked by a grandiose washing - an area made of special hoses, and the participants - in the river or special showers.

Swamp Diving World Championship. There is no one more skillful in organizing crazy parties than the English. So in Wales, the neighbors decided to keep up. Every last Monday in August, at Llanwrtyd Wells, about a dozen brave Welshmen dive into the swamp to cover a serious 55-meter distance. Only masks and fins are allowed from the equipment. Everybody gets prizes, even the last one to get there.

"Burning Man". No, no, this is not about setting fire to people. In the American Black Rock Desert at the very beginning of September, thousands of people gather to create their own city of sand. In this place in Nevada, no one limits creativity. When the work week ends, all works and works are eliminated, and the place is removed. At the same time, in commemoration of the end of the festival, an effigy is burned, which gave the name to the holiday of the "Burning Man".

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