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Meaning of the name

Taira translated from Arabic means "pure".


Little Taira, externally and in character, is an exact copy of her father. This persistent, stubborn and independent girl, completely free from complexes, extremely freedom-loving.

She is easy to get along with people, but can just as easily break off relations if she is disappointed in a person. Perhaps he will regret it, but he will never come to terms first.

At school, Taira shows ambition, therefore she studies very well, and having received a bad grade, she is very upset and worries for a long time. If she knows that she is right, she will resolutely defend her point of view.

The adult Taira is quite tolerant and accommodating, does not like to provoke conflicts either at home or at work, although it is not in her rules to adapt to the authorities.

Born in the spring, a woman with this name is distinguished by her seriousness and prudence, although she often acts under the influence of a momentary mood, but after a while, after cooling down, she can make a reasonable decision or reassure a person who was offended by her impulsivity.

They always achieve their plans, while showing tremendous willpower. Most often he chooses the profession of a doctor, teacher, programmer, saleswoman, hairdresser or dressmaker.

Taira, who was born in winter, has every business arguing, she is extremely sociable and hospitable, but she rarely gets along with her mother-in-law.

For the "summer" Taira, the first marriage is most often unsuccessful, and if in the second marriage this woman is disappointed, then she can even put an end to family life.

Born in the fall, Tahira is distinguished by homeliness and prudence, it is difficult to get along with people and it is no less difficult to part. She loves television series, sweets, beautiful dishes and knickknacks, loves to sew, embroider, knit.


Taira is beautiful, kind, proud, not very sociable, but she has a lot of fans. This woman with a strong will seems to be the ideal lover for men, but those of them who dream of fiery passion in her arms are most often disappointed.

Taira is by no means capable of knowing the bliss of love play with every man. She can agree to intimacy if the partner shows enough persistence, but, noticing something unpleasant in his behavior, she will break off the relationship without pity, leaving the man bewildered.

Taira is very sensitive, prefers to indulge in love games in a well-known place (best of all, at home), while the romantic atmosphere plays an important role.

An extraneous sound or an unpleasant smell can completely deprive Tair of the desire to have sex, and there can be no question of getting pleasure from intimacy. In sex, she can take a leading position, but if she sees that a man is more experienced in matters of love, she is able to obey him.


Dark red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Tair gives the impression of something good, kind, bright, joyful.

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