The most unusual bars

The most unusual bars

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Almost all bars are similar to each other in one way or another. The uniqueness of the bars gives their inimitable spirit, the realization that everyone would like to get to this unique place.

Baobab Tree Bar & Wine Cellar, South Africa. This establishment is located in the hollow of an incredibly large baobab tree. The tree is over 6 thousand years old. Here you can drink not only a glass of a refreshing cocktail, but also hide from the heat, because the province of Limpopo is so hot. Once this place was a favorite refuge of the Bushmen, but now tourists from all over the world come here with pleasure. Unsurprisingly, the place has taken on a bar, bench and even a dartboard. A special flavor to the establishment is given by the fact that drinks are served in clay mugs.

The Birdsville Hotel, Australia. This iconic travel destination sits at the very edge of the Simpson Desert. Around the bar there are only sand dunes inhabited by a few marsupials. Here you can not only have a drink, but also spend the night - there is a hotel at the guests' disposal, which is just as far from civilization. The bar is hung with vintage hats and beer posters, the oldest dating back to 1884. The main guests here are horse racing enthusiasts who visit this place along the way with the September competitions. But in other months, the bar is not empty, there is an airstrip nearby, so tourists arriving at the Last Limit do not miss the opportunity to drink beer in such a picturesque place. The bar's signature drink is Queensland XXXX.

Cave Bar, Jordan. The city of Petra is already 2000 years old, but here only one place is allowed to be used for commerce - a cave. Naturally, the bar found its refuge right here. The walls of the cave are part of an ancient grave, carved out many centuries ago. The tables are positioned both outside on the large area and inside, where the lanterns create a blood-red light hitting the uneven sandstone walls. Entrepreneurs found a place for tables even in niches, which, most likely, were used at one time for burials. It is also worth visiting this place for tasting fine Jordanian red wines.

Floyd's Pelican Bar, Jamaica. The Pelican Bar looks as if huge leaves and trunks of a palm tree once fell into the ocean, floated there for a long time, and eventually caught on protruding piles. The establishment is located a mile from the southwest coast of Jamaica. Not all visitors have enough space inside the bar, this does not bother them at all - you can drink while standing up to your waist in water. If you don't want to get to this place by swimming, then local fishermen will gladly deliver there for a couple of dollars. Just immediately discuss with them the options for your return - it is quite possible that you will simply not be able to get back to the shore. The bar's signature drink is the Pelican Perfection cocktail, which includes rum, ginger beer, sugar and lime juice.

Lagoon Bar, Iceland. Iceland is located far from the hustle and bustle of mainland Europe, in its Blue Lagoon you can hide from any problems and troubles. Nature itself warms up its guests with the warmth of hot springs. While many believe that a natural spa would be more appropriate for selling fruit, juices and yoghurts, a bar has opened in the middle of the idyll. Guests are seated in blue-milky water, and waitresses, wearing only seductive bikinis, serve ordered cocktails. The signature drink here is the Blue Lagoon, in which white wine is mixed with the blue liqueur of Curacao.

Alux Restaurant & Lounge, Mexico. To get to this underground bar, you first need to take a taxi to the Mexican beach of Carmen, and from there it is only a few minutes walk to your destination. You will have to go down with the help of lighted candles. The staircase leads to a hall filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Aylush is a cave system, in which, in addition to the usual bar, there is a restaurant and even a VIP lounge. Rumor has it that you should not linger here, otherwise you will be able to contemplate the mythical little people who, according to Mayan legends, inhabit and protect these underground shelters from uninvited guests. The specialty of the bar is the drink Aluxinante, which contains cucumbers, orange juice and mezcal.

Absolut Icebar, Sweden. This place is unfortunately seasonal, open from mid September to mid April. This is due to the material of the walls of the bar. They, like the rest of the Icebar hotel, are made of ice. Now it has become popular to build such bars all over the world, but this particular institution was the first of its kind, appearing every year in the same place. Traditionally, construction materials are large blocks of ice, cut from the nearby Tournai River. Despite the fact that the walls here are "cold", the temperature inside the bar is constantly maintained at 23 degrees. Many people order Absolut vodka from this establishment, or rather its variety with an admixture of lingonberry, the Swedish national berry.

Cova d'en Xoroi, Spain. This bar is located in a cave above the ocean cliff. Both locals and tourists who have chosen the south of the island of Menorca for their holidays often come here. Legend has it that a Turkish pirate once hid in the grotto, who kidnapped one of the local residents, wanting to make her his wife. After lunch, visitors go out to the outdoor terrace, from where, sitting under umbrellas, they watch the ocean and the Balearic Islands. At night, DJs reign in Cova d'en Xoroi, turning the place into a trendy disco. It is recommended to try here Pomada, a favorite of the locals, made from lemonade and gin.

The Red Sea Star, Israel. This underwater restaurant along with a bar is located in the bay near the town of Eilat. The entire interior seems to inform the guests that they have fallen into the possession of the sea king. The chairs here resemble jellyfish, the lamps appear as anemones, and from the windows, framed by wave-like walls, you can watch the wonderful inhabitants of the Red Sea - angel fish, butterfly fish ... To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the underwater bar, order any fruit cocktail with an umbrella, with title from the underwater theme.

Faraday Bar, Antarctica. Even such an exotic place as Antarctica has its own bar. It opened on the Galindes Island, which is part of the Vernadsky complex at the Ukrainian research station. It turned out that the local residents needed a similar place, for this they even used wood allocated by the British government for the new shipyard. After all, the station was once exactly English. Today the bar is visited not only by Ukrainian scientists; participants of expeditionary cruises reaching the far south often visit the bar. What is better to order here? Of course, vodka!

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