The most unusual hotels

The most unusual hotels

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With the help of non-standard design solutions in the design of hotels, their owners solve several problems at once. The owners of these hotels are not selling convenience so much as concept and experience.

So, after spending a few days in a hotel-cabin of an airplane, you can overcome aerophobia, and a wedding night in an ice house may well become a good test of strength. Let's talk about the ten most unusual hotels in the world.

Hamster house or La Villa Hamster. This hotel opened in France relatively recently - in October 2009. The authors of the idea were architect Yann Falkero and interior designer Frederic Tabari. The Khomyak Hotel is located in Nantes and has only one room with an area of ​​16 sq.m. According to the idea of ​​the creators, the guest of the room during his stay in it should feel like a real rodent. The hotel, or rather, the room is located in a building of the 18th century, occupying only a natural part of it. The walls are made of old masonry, the guest is offered a container containing organic grain, as well as an iron barrel with water for drinking. It is necessary to climb onto the bed by a narrow iron ladder hanging in the air. The bathtub is ordinary here, but there are strong wooden rods above it, apparently so that the client can climb here too. The pride of the creators of the hotel is a two-meter diameter metal wheel, you can even run in it together. The new guest is encouraged to put on a hamster costume and immediately try out the wheel. The original price per night in such an unusual room was 99 euros, but soon it is planned to raise it by half. The owners believe that this place is quite comfortable - there is a shower and a kitchen, and soon there will be Wi-Fi. Currently, designers are planning to open similar establishments in London and Paris, only now they plan to imitate the womb - the room will be warm, cozy, and there will be only pleasant sounds around.

Poseidon Undersea Resort. Located in Fiji at a depth of 15 meters. The hotel opened on 15 January 2010, although room reservations had started 3 months earlier. To get to Poseidon Island, guests must travel there from Nadi Airport in a twin-engine turbine aircraft. Another way to get to the hotel is by yacht. Poseidon Undersea Resort itself consists of 48 bungalows, but the most interesting of them is located at a depth of 15 meters under the water.It is here, on the basis of an underwater station built in 1962, that an amazing underwater hotel is located. It includes 24 capsule rooms with an area of ​​50 square meters, in addition there is a "suite" - Nautilus with an area of ​​300 square meters. The rooms are essentially removable blocks, they are attached to the pipe-corridor. If necessary, they can be separated from the corridor and raised to the surface. This opportunity, in particular, is used in the event of an accident - you can raise it to the surface without leaving the room by typing a special command on the remote control. All rooms are finished in leather and marble. Almost the entire facade consists of transparent acrylic plastic, with a thickness of 10 cm. Guests have the opportunity to collect colorful fish near their room - for this, you can feed them using the remote control. If the guests get tired of living in front of the fish, then the windows can be curtained. For the guests of the bungalow on land, a whole range of services is provided - a chapel for weddings, six restaurants, many bars, including a tree, shops for divers, swimming pools and tennis courts. The cost of rooms is about 30 thousand dollars a week, the hotel is clearly intended for wealthy tourists.

Hedonism II and Hedonism III hotels. Located in Jamaica and designed primarily for nudists and swingers, they are considered the best of their kind in the world. Here guests do not hesitate to walk naked or half-dressed, they bathe in a transparent jacuzzi. On the beach, collective orgies are not surprising, and this is even encouraged by hotel owners. And you can have sex with any person from the staff, for example, with the maid. This is not surprising, because they wear short skirts, transparent stockings and leather bras. Naturally, children are not allowed in such hotels. "Hedonism 2" is located in the village of Negril, famous for its 11 km long white coral sand beach. The style of the hotel is designed in the style of a roadside hotel, it has 280 rooms, not very luxurious in decoration, although there are also suites. The rooms contain a double bed, TV, jacuzzi and glass ceilings. Lonely guests may well share their room with other guests. Hotel "Hedonism-3" has chosen Runaway Bay beach and contains 15 suites and 210 rooms. Unlike its brother, where any adult can live, only people from 20 to 42 years old can live here, since the hotel was created for them. Interestingly, there is no hotel in Jamaica named "Hedonism-1", since the hotel owners believe that the "patent" for it belongs to the philosophers of Ancient Greece. However, one should not assume that these establishments are limited only to swingers or nudism. The hotels have equipment, for example, for diving and tennis courts. The prices for hotel accommodation are quite affordable, from $ 50 to $ 100 per day or night, which are paid separately here. After all, many visit the hotel only for half a day.

Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge. The hotel is located in Germany and is distinguished by its unusual rooms, in particular the sloping floor in one of the rooms. The bed is naturally hanging in it, and the wardrobe is embedded in the wall. The owners of the hotel ask to see it as a contemporary art object with the ability to receive people. Propeller Island is the pseudonym of the artist Lars Stroshen, who develops sound sculptures and audiovisual concepts. This hotel is one of his creations. The hotel has 45 rooms that are absolutely different from each other. The interior is made of materials so fragile that guests are provided with special instructions for using their room. For example, guests of a room in which a sleeping place is located in a coffin are strongly advised not to slam the lid. There is an interesting room covered with newspapers and old blueprints, with an old bed and a sink. Another room is a kaleidoscope, its walls are covered with pieces of mirrors, in the middle of the room there is a huge bed. The owner of the hotel loves to spend time in the orange room, there is only a window with a wide window sill on which the mattress is located. A night in a hotel with strange rooms will cost the visitor from 70 to 115 euros.

The tree hotel was built in Brazil. You can find her by the name Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel. It is noteworthy that this is the world's largest tree hotel. It is located in a tropical forest on the coast of the Amazon tributary, the Rio Negro River. The hotel consists of eight towers suspended at a height of 15 meters and made of hard wood. The houses are connected with each other by hinged paths, the total length of which is 8 km. The hotel was designed and then built by Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino, who is also a prominent financier and lawyer. Thus, the entrepreneur decided to contribute to the conservation of the endangered forest in Brazil, while respecting his own benefits. The eco-hotel has 268 rooms, which include single, double and triple rooms, as well as suites, which are also equipped with their own dining house, as well as terraces and offices. This hotel is an ideal place for a family vacation, as living in a tree house for a while is a childhood dream of many. The cost of living is quite high - from 484 to 1260 dollars per night.

A hotel in the sewers called Dasparkhotel. Opened in Austria and located 190 km from Vienna. The hotel rooms are located in cement pipes, which are used in the construction of sewers and drains. Inside, the rooms are quite cozy - there is a double bed, a lamp and a wardrobe, a woolen rug and electricity. Plus, the ceiling is high enough to walk without tilting your head. Only the rooms do not have a toilet and shower, but each guest is supplied with a plan, which indicates their location, as well as the nearest recreation areas, cafes, restaurants and shops. The hotel is closed in winter. There is no fixed payment for accommodation, each client decides for himself how much to pay for his stay at the hotel.

A prison hotel in Australia. For more than 120 years, the prison in the Australian town of Mount Gambier held prisoners, mostly rapists and murderers. Since 1995, the Jail hotel has been located there with a capacity of 99 people, while those who wish are offered single cameras, double rooms, as well as four- and ten-bed rooms. The beds are made by the hotel owner, using pressed pine shavings and cotton mattresses. Naturally, the amenities in the rooms are minimal - a bathroom, rations in the morning, a TV in the lobby and dining room, as well as a walking area. For those who want to cook their own food there is a kitchen. The hotel is also just an object of excursions, its owners - Gary Adama and his wife let everyone see the hotel for the amount of 3.30 Australian dollars. There are many stories and legends about this prison, telling about those who died here in terrible agony and about restless souls. A double room will cost $ 45 per person, and a single room is $ 66.

Hotel-plane. Located in Costa Rica and its full name is "727 Fuselage Home". The hotel is a luxurious suite aboard the Boeing 727, which has not flown since 1965. The hotel is located in the Manuel Antonio National Park, 180 kilometers from San Jose at an altitude of 20 meters. The nose of the aircraft is fixed on a sturdy stone ramp, the wings are additionally fixed for safety. To comfortably observe the surrounding area, and this is the ocean and rainforest, the right wing of the aircraft is equipped as a wooden deck. Guests are provided with the entire plane - there are two bedrooms in the room, each of which has its own bathroom, kitchenette and dining room. In fact, 727 Fuselage Home is just part of the huge Costa Verde hotel complex, which includes restaurants, other bungalows, shops, pools, yachts and ATVs. Vacationers are encouraged to go rafting or yoga. Rest on the plane is not cheap and will cost from $ 400 per day.

Dog Bark Park Inn. The hotel is located in the USA and is the pride of the residents of Cottonwood with a population of 924 and located in Idaho. The hotel itself is located inside a wooden dog, in order to get into it, guests must first climb into the dog's head. The dog hotel can accommodate up to four people at a time. The authors of this unusual project were self-taught artists Francis Conklin and Dennis Sullivan. Having met fifteen years ago, they never parted, applying their strength to sawing dogs of various sizes and poses with a chainsaw. The Dog Hotel is their largest project, which took a year and a half to complete. By the way, there is also a gallery shop at the hotel, where you can buy figurines of other dogs of smaller sizes as a souvenir. It is curious that the hotel is surrounded by fields of barley, cinnamon and cotton, and nearby is the monastery of St. Gertrude, which is one of the oldest in the United States. An interesting hotel costs $ 92 a night.

Ice house in Sweden. Not far from the town of Yukkasjärvi, which is 200 km from the Arctic Circle, a hotel of ice has been built every season for 20 years. Every year, different designers and architects take part in the construction, which is why each next project is not like the previous one. If the first hotel had an area of ​​60 square meters, then recently it is almost 100 times larger! Only the temperature inside the hotel does not change, it is 5-10 degrees below zero, it is not surprising that it is not recommended to spend more than one night inside. The owners recommend spending the rest of the vacation in a warmer hotel nearby, also owned by them. Guests of the ice hotel are brought cranberry mulled wine straight to bed, the bed itself is also naturally made of ice. This is a kind of podium covered with spruce branches and deer skins. People sleep on it in fur sleeping bags. There are also toilets and showers in the house, but warmer rooms are reserved for them. The ice hotel is equipped with an ice chapel, a cinema, a golf room, and its own museum of ice figures. Guests prefer to spend most of their time in the Absolute bar, where they warm themselves with vodka. The Icehotel can simultaneously accommodate up to 100 people, despite the fact that similar hotels are being built in Norway, Canada and Romania, it is the largest ice hotel in the world. It takes 30 thousand tons of snow and 10 thousand tons of ice to build it. It is good that a river is located nearby, which provides building material. The Icehotel is open from December to April and will cost $ 700 a night.

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas. This exotic hotel, whose main building is built in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, is considered one of the best in the United States and is one of the 50 best hotels in America. In addition to the 30-storey building-pyramid of black smoky glass, where there are 2500 rooms, there are two more 22-storey towers with an additional two thousand rooms. The tower rooms are of later construction, with modern interiors. The rooms on the upper floors offer beautiful panoramic views of the city. The hotel houses one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, with an area of ​​over 9,000 sq. meters.

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