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The mysterious influence of the name on the fate of a person was noticed even in ancient times. This is evidenced by at least the fact that most of the peoples of the world had a custom to hide the real name of the child, protecting him from evil spirits.

This was manifested, for example, in the deliberate criticism of the child with a dissonant name or in the assignment of a second, false name. Later, this tradition manifested itself in Christianity: Orthodox parents, up to the 17th century, had a tradition to keep in secret the name given to the child at baptism, and, as you know, believers consider it to be true.

In ancient times, people were convinced that the name has a huge impact on all aspects of a person's life, and not only him, but also the city and the whole state. Therefore, there has long been a practice of changing the name in connection with various significant events in the life of its bearer. So now, for example, do actors, inventing pseudonyms for themselves, or people entering secret societies.

In the modern world, the meaning of a name in the fate of a person and its mystery attract mainly scientists and astrologers. There are many scientific theories from different angles approaching the study of this problem.

Social theory assumes that a name is a bundle of social information about its bearer. Think for yourself, what can you guess when hearing different names? For example, Oktyabrina, Ashot, Juliet, George, Ivan. Knowing only one name, you can already guess what nationality his bearer has, his religion, origin and, starting from this, judge his character traits and build an initial attitude towards this person.

After all, they are met by their clothes, and the name, as a rule, is recognized immediately after the initial visual acquaintance. In the past, the sociality of the name was expressed more clearly, due to the fact that the children were named according to the calendar, each of which had a very specific character, life history and ideas about the world around them.

Emotional theory views the name as an emotional irritant. This is "music of names", if some names sound affectionate and soft, you are imbued with sympathy for a person with such a name, while others, on the contrary, frighten and alarming, you want to "close your soul" from the bearer of such a name. Of course, then, having got to know a person better, the idea of ​​him can change even dramatically, but when thousands of people meet in a similar way, this cannot but reflect on their character and behavior.

Sound theory draws attention to the name, as a combination of sounds of different pitch and timbre and therefore causing different reactions in the human brain. A person always reacts to the sounds of his name. Remember, after all, it happened in everyone's life that you don't seem to be listening to someone else's conversation, but suddenly your name is pronounced and the reaction to this stimulus is instantly triggered, you listen. Names consist of a certain set of sounds, so people with different names, the brain structures responsible for specific sounds, are in a state of different agitation.

American psychiatrists conducted a study and came to the conclusion that people with strange and funny names are 4 times more prone to various kinds of mental complexes. And a child, whose name causes ridicule of others, is forced from childhood to be on the watch, in a defensive position, to be constantly ready to fight for a normal attitude towards himself. All this leaves its mark on the development of the human psyche, influences the formation of his character and attitude to life.

But none of the scientific theories, in fact, explains the meaning of the name so that it is understandable to an ordinary person, they just circle around the bush, but still recognize that the name plays a significant role in a person's life and influences the formation and development personality.

Astrology gives specific answers to the question about the meaning of a person's name and its influence on character, the compatibility of various names for love, marriage and business.

According to the approach popular among specialists in this field, each letter of a person's name is associated through its numerical value with one of the nine planets. It turns out that each name connects the person to whom it belongs to a certain set of planets. Based on the astrological nature of the planets, their interaction on a person's birthday, the name can help him in life, in a certain way supervise his bearer: bring good luck, contribute to the active advancement of a person in life.

But if in the horoscope of the birth of a child these planets are in a weak position and interact not harmoniously, then such a name can bring misfortune to its bearer, attract troubles, create problems and difficulties. In this case, astrologers advise changing it to another, more suitable one.

The planets that are part of one name can be combined in different ways with a set of planets associated with another name. Based on this, astrologers argue about the compatibility or incompatibility of people bearing certain names in various fields: love, marriage, friendship, sex, business.

In general, all sources of knowledge, both scientific and occult, agree that the name, in one way or another, has a certain impact on a person's life. This means that people with the same names should be somewhat similar. This site contains a huge amount of information revealing the secret of the name, which can help you better understand yourself and others ...

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