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Meaning of the name

This name is borrowed by Christianity from Byzantium. In the past it was quite common. The patron saint of the name is the Mother Superior, Saint Basilisa of Egypt, the Monk Martyr. Means "regal", "sovereign", "king's wife", "queen".


Vasilisa has intelligence and beauty, nobility and grace. She loves to help people who turn to her, she takes other people's problems for her own. Vasilisa is a very sympathetic and gentle person, however, her gentleness is combined with stubbornness and determination.

Those born in winter are especially conflicted. They have a very high opinion of themselves and want others to appreciate their person as highly. Their family life is difficult, the first marriage most often falls apart. Vasilis literally explode at the only hint that it would not hurt them to be more tolerant.

These women love to go on a visit - to demonstrate their outfits, and to host friends to show, for example, a newly purchased service. In the depths of her soul, Vasilisa feels her shortcomings, but recognizing them is beyond her strength.

Vasilisa, born in September, is somewhat different from the others: she is more diplomatic, softer, not offended and will not "ask for trouble", disagreeing with her husband about something. She, too, does not easily converge with strangers, but she deeply experiences their alienation.

However, not everything is so bad about this woman. There is one invaluable quality in it: sincere, disinterested compassion. Of course, even here one cannot do without teachings, but if Vasilisa has undertaken to rescue a person from trouble, she will certainly do it. This woman has some kind of inner need to restore justice, but it can be difficult to withstand her altruistic urges.


With mutual attraction, she is able to be relaxed with a man, receive and give pleasure, but she needs time to adapt to him, to explore the range of his acceptability in sex. She is happy with a man who has more sexual experience and sufficient activity than she.

Vasilisa can ignore a partner, meetings with whom they are "according to the template", offering her the same pose, saying the same words. She is alien to men for whom sex is only a means to get rid of discomfort, while for Vasilisa herself it is a desired, happiness-bringing connection with her lover.

Vasilisa does not think of intimacy without a love game, she reacts especially passionately when her partner caresses her breasts. Without erotic play, Vasilisa does not receive satisfaction, love and sexuality mean tenderness and affection for her, but she feels deceived if the partner, igniting passion in her in the preliminary period, does not wait until it reaches a climax.

Vasilisa does not easily converge with people, but deeply experiences their alienation. Her heart is responsive. Circumstances favor her, but she does not abuse it.

She has a high opinion of herself and wants everyone around her to appreciate her as highly. Vasilisa's family life is difficult. The first marriage most often falls apart. It literally explodes at the mere hint that it should have been a little more tolerant.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus.


The sound of the name Vasilisa gives the impression of something strong, light, active, bright, joyful.

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