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Today, a modern man is unthinkable without his car. But there is a way out - special car seats have been created for children, it remains only to choose the right one.

And here the driver is faced with a bunch of advice and just opinions. That is why the most common myths about child car seats should be debunked.

You can buy any chair, because the main thing is its availability. This statement should be recognized as the most widespread. However, not all child car seats are equally safe. When choosing such a restraint, you should find out if it has a European safety certificate. It is he who guarantees the reliability of the entire structure and the quality of materials. If the seat does not have any certificates, and its dignity is only one price, then it should be understood that the low cost is due to the lack of crash tests and the manufacturer itself does not guarantee the safety of a small passenger in such a seat.

The need for a child seat is due only to advertisers and marketers who want to rip off more money from parents. This is often discussed in various forums. In fact, this myth is pretty scary due to its unfoundedness. The fact is that child seats are an important and already integral part of the transportation of babies in Europe and the USA. So if you choose the right seat and use it according to the instructions, it will really protect your child. After all, the design is designed to keep the child in place in the event of sudden braking and then to minimize the load during the accident. Those who do not believe in the effectiveness of child seats should watch the crash test videos. They will clearly show that a car seat is a prerequisite for transporting children.

It doesn't matter that the child seat is designed for 18 kilograms, a child with a large weight can also be put there. On car seats, manufacturers do not just indicate a restriction on the weight of the child. The fact is that during a collision, overloads occur, and the mass of a person increases several times. And the frame of the device and its belts are designed for a certain load. If the weight of the child is higher than the norm established for the model, then with a high probability the chair will not be able to protect the person. That is why, when choosing and buying a car seat, parents should pay attention to the weight of their child and make sure that it does not exceed the norms specified for the chair.

For safety reasons, it is better to transport a newborn baby not in a car seat, but in hands. In fact, this approach is wrong. Parents will have to be especially careful when transporting a newborn. The fact is that the muscles and skeleton of a small person are still too weak. If you hold it in your hands, and not in a chair, then this means a risk to life and health. That is why manufacturers of child seats also produce infant carriers for transporting newborns. For example, the Cabrio Fix baby chair from the Dutch company Maxi-Cosi is distinguished by a particularly competent orthopedic design. The same manufacturer suggests choosing a chair with a special inner liner for newborns, which supports the back in exactly the same safe and correct position.

Reading the instructions is optional to use the car seat. Many people think that using a car seat is common sense, so no instructions are needed. However, this document contains not only important information about the installation of the car seat itself, which could have escaped the attention of the user, but also tips for caring for this useful structure. That is why it is worth spending a little time and reading the rules of its use before using the car seat.

Car seats are needed only to show it to police officers. It must be understood that this tool is purchased primarily for the safety of your own baby. That is why it is so important to attend to the quality of the car seat. And the most important thing is to use it not just for a road inspection demonstration, but for an appointment. Many drivers rely on their driving experience, but can everyone be held accountable for those who travel on the same road?

After the child starts going to school, there is no need to carry him in a car seat. This misconception is also common. Parents believe that since the child has become so grown up that he already goes to school, he no longer needs a special chair. However, it is worth remembering the rules of the road. It states that children must travel under 12 years of age in a special restraint device. A safety belt is suitable for a child if it is taller than 150 cm. Otherwise, this belt simply will not work, which will lead to injuries to the baby. Of course, it happens that a student refuses to go to school in a car seat, embarrassed by such parental care. However, you should not follow his lead. It is better to calmly and clearly explain the purpose of the car seat.

The seat belts chafe your child's skin, so it's best not to wear it. If this happens, then it is obvious that the baby is simply not properly fastened. And this can be due to poor installation of the car seat. In this case, it is better to start over and still read the instructions. The problem may also lie in the fact that a seat was chosen that simply does not fit the child either by his height or by his weight. Then you need to measure the baby's height and weight and compare them with those indicated in the instructions. If the numbers do not match, then the chair is still better to change. Also, unpleasant sensations in a child can be caused by his incorrect position in the car seat. The fact is that children should be located strictly in the center. It is necessary to check that the inner belts are correctly fastened, that they are not too tight and that the seat belt is correctly passed through its guides. The main thing to remember is that the consequences of an accident when driving without a car seat can be much worse than minor inconveniences from uncomfortable seat belts.

The car seat is not needed when the child can be seated on the pillow. There are parents who believe that a pillow can protect a child in the event of an accident and help avoid traffic fines. However, an ordinary pillow cannot do this. In a collision, it will simply fly out from under the child, leaving him defenseless in a critical situation. But the car seat is securely fastened in the passenger compartment and firmly holds the child in place, unlike a soft product.

Expensive car seats contain many unnecessary improvements that are not worth the overpayment required. Not all expensive chairs have the same useless bells and whistles. Usually, with an increase in price, the safety class of this product also increases. Therefore, the child will be better protected from the severe consequences of an accident if the seat is actually installed in accordance with the instructions. The high price of a car seat may be due to the presence of a special isofix mount, a reinforced metal structure, additional side protection for the neck and head, durable plastic, high-quality breathable upholstery materials and the presence of special ventilation holes. All these improvements will increase the cost of the chair, but they will also reduce the risk of injury during an accident. As a result, high-end car seats cost hundreds of dollars.

It is not necessary to fasten the child in the chair, his very presence is enough. This approach is quite common among drivers. In this case, it is worth talking about forgetfulness, laziness, self-confidence. And it’s good if the payback is just a fine, and not the sad consequences due to the accident. The presence of a car seat alone will not protect the child from injury, and the budget from further expenses. Indeed, the presence of a fire extinguisher in the house does not guarantee the absence of a fire. That is why it will be reasonable not only to get a child seat, but also to learn how to properly fasten the child in it. Traffic police officers have all the authority to fine the driver if the child is not fastened in his car.

The infant carrier can be placed facing the road so that you can see your baby while driving. While parents want to be in control of their children as much as possible, making this mistake can lead to serious trouble. Carrycots should always be installed only against the direction of travel of the car, otherwise the child risks being damaged. The car seats have a special oval shape and handles, which are designed to protect the young passenger from trouble. The best position for the car seat is with the child's back to the road. In this case, the risk of spinal injury will be minimal. And in order to see the child while driving, you can simply put the car seat in the front seat, again against the direction of the car. But in this case, do not forget to disable the airbags. In this position, against the movement, according to the instructions, it is necessary to transport the baby for at least a year and up to a weight of 9 kilograms. True, experts still advise to wait until the age of two.

If friends fit or like a particular car seat, then it will suit me too. Parents believe that when choosing such a tool, you need to contact friends who have already checked some option. As a result, parents listen to their acquaintances, acquiring a “proven” version. In fact, purchasing a car seat is a highly individual process. After all, when choosing clothes, we try to measure them first and only then acquire them. The situation is similar with the car seat. The model that suits one child may not suit another. After all, there are many nuances that should be selected individually - the width of the car seat, the length of the belts, the angles of the backrest and its height, the softness of the upholstery and its color. No one can guarantee that your child will be truly comfortable in a chair checked by friends. As a result, the child becomes capricious, and then completely refuses to go in the model chosen without taking into account his requirements. And such a car seat may be trite and not get into the car. So, for a quiet ride and in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, it is better to choose a car seat with your baby.

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